Our Vision

To achieve an enriched multicultural society through cultural diversity, social cohesion and community harmony.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a range of high quality programs and services to assist people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to integrate successfully into the Wagga Wagga and surrounding communities.


The Multicultural Council of Wagga Wagga (MCWW) was established in Wagga Wagga in 1988.

A very successful Carnivale event was held to celebrate the growing diversity of cultures in Wagga Wagga at that time.

A grant from the Community Relations Commission allowed for the establishment of this Council and the appointment of the first community worker in the city.

MCWW has continued to expand its services and work-force since these early days to be the highly regarded organisation it is today.

From 2005-2017 we settled 484 families (1697 individuals) under the Federal Government HSS (Humanitarian Settlement Services) Program. We are proud of the past and present services provided and look to the future with optimism.

Multicultural NSW.png

Multicultural NSW

Multicultural NSW is the lead agency for implementing the policy and legislative framework to support multicultural principles in NSW.

It is driven by three key principles which are fully supported by MCWW:

  • Engage with all sections of society and break down barriers to participation.
  • Enable equitable access to services and programs.
  • Enrich social and economic capacity through cultural diversity as an asset of our state.

We receive valuable support from Multicultural NSW and acknowledge the major role they play in funding MCWW through a 3-year funding agreement as well as funding short term projects through their Grants program.