Chairperson:  Ray Goodlass
Vice-Chairperson:  Yapa Bandara
Secretary: Julie Redway
Treasurer:  Jen Spain
Members: Mark Macleod, Ndungi Mungai, Eliza Tout, Saba Nabi, Alison Reid, John Moi, Jenna Roberts

Sub-committees: Governance; Finance, Audit and Risk; Communications, Marketing and Community Relations; Community Development and Innovation.

The Board of MCWW has trialled a bi-monthly meeting schedule. In addition to these meetings sub-committees and the Executive convened meetings in the off-month.

Our clear focus is a commitment to our governance.

During the past year the Board has:

  • Monitored the financial management of the organisation and is in a sound financial position to guarantee the future of MCWW
  • Maintained positive and productive dialogue and planning protocols with Manager
  • Conducted Manager’s Performance Appraisal
  • Provide financial support to community groups to conduct events that cater for the wider community, enhance and strengthen social cohesion.
  • Attended consultation meetings at Multicultural NSW and/or participated via teleconference.
  • Represented MCWW and attended community events as appropriate eg FUSION Festival, Refugee Week events, Mayoral receptions, Cultural community events, Australia Day celebrations.
  • Continued to seek ways to expand services and support our clients.