Helpful Links

The Department of Social Services has produced a training video resource for use in the Australian Cultural Orientation (AUSCO) Program.The video has 16 chapters + an introductory montage and is available in English and nine foreign languages. Chapters 10 and 12 are also available in Kurmanji for Yazidi clients.

The video can be viewed via the below link:

Translated myGov Guides

1.       myGov – create an account

2.       myGov – link a service without an online account

3.       myGov – link a service using a linking code

4.       myGov – link a service using an existing online account

The guides are available in 12 languages: Arabic, Assyrian, Chinese (Simplified), Dari, Karen, Korean, Macedonian, Persian (Farsi), Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

These guides are accessible from the department’s Information in your language page and community groups and third parties page.

There are 3 additional guides that are only available in English. All 7 guides are located on the myGov online help guides page.