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Smith Family's Learning for Life program and Multicultural Council partnership helps Wagga children
JANUARY 31 2019 - 5:00PM - Annie Lewis, Daily Advertiser

"I think AFL is the best sport I've ever had," says 11-year-old Rozaliya Hasan. She's one of the students in an Aussie Rules Football program in the Riverina that's been helping refugee children feel more included in the community. 🏃🏃‍♀️
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AFL Riverina @multiculturalcouncilwaggawagga

IEAA explore the link

Refugee kids shine in Wagga Wagga schools

ABC Riverina Common Thread

2018 NSW International Student of the Year Awards - Higher Education Winner

SBS: Wagga Wagga home to Australia's first Yazidi burial site

SBS Kurdish radio

SBS kurdish Pêkanîna yekem goristana Êzîdî

Land allocated for Yazidi Community in Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery

Prime TV moving Ceremony 4th anniversary of Yazidi Genocide

Win News- Wagga Goal Umpire Basil Shani Baqi- AFL Umpire Diversity Talent Camp

Prime 7 News:20/06/18-World Refugee Day

Wagga's Multicultural Council sets up the Refugee Youth Mentoring Program

The Daily Advertiser: 21/5/18 - Read article

Refugees wanted: NSW country town Walla Walla looks overseas to fill employment gaps

ABC News: 21/5/18 - Read article

Wagga’s Burmese residents plea for international intervention in Kachin

The Daily Advertiser: 9/5/18 - Read article

Wagga's Yazidi community celebrates the New Year

The Daily Advertiser: 18/4/18 - Read article

Multicultural Council’s Common Threads provides an opportunities for refugees to learn new skills

The Daily Advertiser: 28/3/18 - Read article

Woman 2 Woman conference set to help Wagga celebrate International Women's Day

The Daily Advertiser: 2/3/18 - Read article

Learning to Swim - ABC Local News


NSW Government helps Wagga Wagga refugees smile

Refugees can face challenges adjusting to a new life in regional NSW. A group of professionals in Wagga Wagga are determined to make sure that health will not be one of them.

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New Year Celebration: April 2017

Yazidi refugees rejoice in first New Year in Australia

The Australian: 19/4/17 - View article

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton visits Wagga for Yazidi new year with refugees

The Daily Advertiser: 20/04/17 - View article

Wagga's Yazidi community marks New Year

SBS Radio: 19/04/17 - Listen to audio 

Yazidi New Year: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton tells refugees of work to increase Syrian intake

ABC Online: 20/04/17 - Read article

Australia's Yazidi community to celebrate new year in Wagga

Riverina Leader: 17/04/17 – Read article

Yazidi Celebration - Hundreds of Yazidi refugees gathered in Wagga today to celebrate their new year.

Facebook – WIN news - Watch video

Immigration minister visits Wagga

Triple M Riverina - Read article 

Angela Aseka

Ashmont child will soon be banished from the country with her Kenyan mum

The Daily Advertiser: 1/4/17 - Read article

Angela Aseka to be deported from Australia after 14 years

The Daily Advertiser: 5/4/17 - Read article

Peter Dutton back deportation of Australian-born child

The Border Mail: 6/4/17 - Read article

Kenyan mother thankful for support in immigration row

The Daily Advertiser: 9/4/17 - Read article

Fresh calls for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to intervene in 'outrageous' deportation

The Daily Advertiser: 18/4/17 - Read article