Jean Hailes: For Women's Health
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Jean Hailes: For Women's Health

Jean Hailes Women’s Health Expo held on the 5th September at the Multicultural Council of Wagga in partnership with the Wagga Women’s Health Clinic.

The theme this year is to ‘encourage women to put themselves first and make their own good health a priority’. Jean Hailes is encouraging all women to have their health checks at every life stage to maintain good health….. HPV vaccine, periods, BP, cervical screening, contraception, sexual health, blood sugar, breast self-exam, cholesterol, skin checks, breast screening, bowel cancer screening, bone health, cardiovascular health and brain health!

Let’s make a difference for all women with their health check journey.

The expo brought together women from varying multicultural communities with the following stalls on the day providing information regarding women’s health. Stalls included; Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Breast Screen, Women’s Health Centre, MLHD Counselling Service, Dietetics, Health Promotion team and women were able to have the blood pressure checked.


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