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About the Creative Project

“No Borders In Our Sky" brings diverse young people in Wagga Wagga together in a creative multi-artform project that promotes harmony and peace. We invite participants to explore ideas through song writing, spoken word poetry, music production, and various forms of visual media. No Borders will run for 2 years in Wagga Wagga (2019/2020), with monthly visits from our skilled artists to facilitate high quality creative workshops. We are planning some exciting public outcomes. Working together, and through their collaborative artworks young project participants confirm there is far more that connects us than divides us.

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Watch this space for project updates - we will be sharing bits of creative content from workshop visits as the project develops.

April 2019 visit

Multicultural Council of Wagga Wagga

What a successful project launch! We had more than 40 participants all super keen to get involved. Young people from an incredibly rich range of cultural backgrounds came together to explore different media. Facilitating artists Charlie, Adam, Mark, Nerida & Bella facilitated a series of workshops creating self portraits, a series of images involving lots of shoes,  Facebook face filters and some catchy electronic music tracks.

June 2019 visit

Multicultural Council, The Bidgee School, Wagga Wagga High School, Kooringal High School

Thanks to a big fog, it took a long time for artist Howard Matthew to get to Wagga Wagga from Sydney. But he made it, and began the process of creating a public artwork with project participants, using maps to collage a series of self-portraits that represent each unique family history and personal journey. Over 20 detailed portraits were completed over the two days!

Eventually these portraits will become part of a large interactive mural, inhabiting a public space in Wagga Wagga (TBA). Through Augmented Reality technology, audiences will be able to view other work created by young people - songs, poetry, stories, animations, video, and more.

July visit

Riverina Community College, Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre, Multicultural Council

With Nerida and Bella, another series of map portraits were created with project participants, whilst Mark facilitated the beginning of AR work with iPad digital portraits and images. Participants also made plasticine creatures, and stop-motion animations inspired by the lotus flower. The lotus flower has meaning in many cultures, and broadly represents rising out of past struggles - no matter how you start in life and no matter what you are going through, you have the ability to overcome and find peace and harmony.